3 steps to roaming excellence

These 3 steps help Mobile Operators achieve Roaming Excellence. Roaming Audit maintains a real-time updated database with IR.21 information. Individual changes are instantly displayed in an intuitive interface, allowing roaming engineers to quickly determine the impact of new updates. Engineers can also upload print-outs from the network to validate their work and ensure the network is properly configured and in compliant with their roaming partners requirements. Through our Collaboration Module, Roaming Audit also allows the roaming members to easily collaborate, making sure information flows efficiently across multiple teams.

How this works

No more outdated Excel files! The list of your roaming partners, and the corresponding services, are maintained online, at a collaborative and web-based interface, accessible to the relevant teams within your organization. The set of roaming partners and services will produce your Roaming Profile, which will be used to, in light of most recent IR.21 Data, generate the templates to audit your network elements. The type of audits include IMSI Analysis, MGT, Global Title Analysis, IP Ranges and CAMEL settings.

Why do it

Let's take a look at a good-sized network with 30 core nodes:

30 Core Nodes x 250 IMSI analysis x 9 parameters per IMSI analysis = 67.500 potential typos

What does it cost?

Benefits of using our service