What WE DO

We use a suite of tools to evaluate the IMSI and Global Title analyses in each core element and compare this with what is defined in the IR21 documents of your roaming partners. Because of the volume of data involved, we have also developed an interface for easy collaboration.

How we do it

Depending on the scope and size of the network, and your requirements, we either work on-site or off-site. Once we have a clear understanding of your network topology and know all the core elements involved, we run your configuration through our suite of tools to find inconsistencies like missing, erroneous or obsolete analyses.

Why do it

Let's take a look at a good-sized network with 30 core nodes:

30 Core Nodes x 250 IMSI analysis x 9 parameters per IMSI analysis = 67.500 potential typos

What does it cost?

Benefits of using our service