I graduated as an electronics engineer, and started working in telecommunications right out of school.

My first telco job was landed in 1997 with Mobilix (later Orange), in Denmark. Mobilix was the third operator to launch in Denmark and was based on Nokia equipment. I started as a core network engineer and was basically given a network with a few thousand friendly users plus a protocol analyzer and had the perfect opportunity to figure out how it all worked. What better way to launch a telco career? It was at Mobilix that I started developing the tools I needed to help me analyze the vast amount of data and configurations gotten from a mobile network.


Once I left Mobilix, my travels took me to Germany, Greece and the US. After my last contract in the US in 2001, I founded REWSS, the Real-time Error Warning Surveillance System and ran it until 2012. REWSS was a network, fault and permanence management system built into one platform. This business took me to all corners of the world, and through this, I got to meet and see many operators and hear about their challenges. Roaming was always one of the major topics because of the bottom line it generates.

To sum it up, I have seen it all and heard it all when it comes to the technical aspect of roaming and the various parts of a mobile network. It is this experience that I bring to Roaming Audit, along with the latest technologies in development and UI design.


Roaming Audit combines the best parts of my 17 years' experience with newly developed interfaces. These interfaces make collaborating on the audit much easier and result in a quick turnaround for the overall project. My goal is to try to help as many operators as possible, and being able to easily share things and keep everyone updated and accountable are the keys to success in auditing.

No two operators are alike. Because of differences in size, topology and hardware, our service is part telco and part development. My team and I often have to modify the ways in which we work with data from new projects. Therefore, we always have developers on standby to make the necessary changes that will process the data or configuration correctly.


To truly benefit from customers who are roaming in your network, the thousands, or sometimes hundreds of thousands, of parameters used to define your roaming partners' configuration have to be correct across all nodes. Roaming Audit makes sure they are.

Depending on the size and complexity of your network, the audit work can be completed in anywhere from one to four weeks.

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