Roaming Audit was established by telecom experts with 20+ years of track record working within

Technical planning
Operation and maintenance
Commercial Wholesale

for mobile providers across the globe.

We faced first hand, the day to day problems of the teams assuring the proper functioning of the roaming services:

The massive information load that needs to be received, verified, and updated in the networks is massive.

Manual processing leads to errors

Low revenue partners have low priority resulting in missed opportunities


Repetitive commercial roaming activities (test scheduling, SIM exchange, launch letters,  agreement drafting)

Maintain and share between teams a database of roaming  information (Services, rates, agreements, etc..),

All while striving to achieve KPIs set forth by the company for both technical and commercial teams

With this in mind, we developed Roaming Audit, which is an online suite of tools, accessible via any device, which alleviates the painful load of IR21 information maintenance (checking new versions, changes, deciding if changes affect any service, send changes to different departments, track implementations and repeat) and the repetitive operational tasks.

Roaming Audit tools increase efficiency, allowing focus on business and revenue growth

The roaming service is not about technical maintenance only so we have developed a full set of tools which provide a time-effective solution for each and every member of the teams working with roaming, regardless of whether they are technical, commercial, operational, customer-facing.

Our goal is to provide a solution that simplifies the work and increases the efficiency of the employees,   without ever having to compromise on the quality of the service your partners or customers receive.

Management Team

Rasmus Christiansen


20 years experience working in the Mobile Industry. Electronics Engineer with extensive experience in Core, Roaming, Security, Fault Management & Software Development. Serial entrepreneur having sold services & software to more than 60 operators around the world.

Mircea Petrescu

Director of Product Development​​

15 years of Telecom Industry experience in Roaming and Wholesale Management, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Prevention within groups like Cosmote, Telekom and MTN

Lonilyn Laxamana

Director of Business Development​

12 years of professional background in Sales and Business Development working for telecommunication companies in Australia and Europe and as a Financial Adviser in the corporate banking industry in the Middle East.”