The core of the Roaming Audit set of tools

IT allows the operator to automatically keep the network node settings up to date with the changes requested by its partners in their IR21, hence assuring the proper functioning of the roaming services inbound and outbound. This in term will guarantee no revenue loss due to non use of services, and an enhanced customer experience which will assist getting an edge on the competition.

The tool will eliminate on the operator side the hassle of :


In average there are between 40-50 operators issuing a new IR21 every month. Those IR21s consist in an average of 1700+ actual changes to be operated.


Is a one partner audit. This allows you to easily verify all the configurations required for one partner. This will display all the requirements needed for all services (GSM, GRPS, CAMEL, LTE) in one view and allow the users to validate that each of these configurations exists the various core nodes