Is the ‘go to’ application for the commercial roaming team (manager, coordinator). It provides a full view of all the roaming relations currently live or under testing.

Main Features

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Split type of Service

The relations are split per type of service : voice and SMS, Camel, Data (2G,3G), Data LTE and further split per direction, inbound and outbound.

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The visualization also permits a quick overview of the relation type as direct or via a HUB, and if the latter via each hub.

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Exports of the coverage

Various exports of the coverage list are possible, by setting conditions which are of need at a specific time.

Being able to easily manage ones roaming partners is essential to an efficient roaming business. Managing partners from a central place ensures everyone is up to date on what partners and services are launched thus ensuring the network configuration matches these partners requirements. 



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Apart from tabular view there is also available a graphical footprint visualization.

The partner and footprint Manager is also available in a group ‘cockpit view’ where a centralized entity has access to the above information, centralized for the various countries where the group operates in. This gives easy access for a group coordinator at the foot print of each operation making launches planning and follow up very easy

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A document repository is also available for each partner. Her the users could upload various documents related to the day to day operational activity of the roaming department.

Another feature of the document repository tools is also creating the documents, by pre-filling the data of the partner operator. This is a feature to be used in the negotiation phase in order to create agreements or in the creation of launch letters.